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create an oracle database on a 12H autoraid

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create an oracle database on a 12H autoraid

We have a K580 with an array 12H (autoraid) with 12 18Gb HDD?s
On this array we have created an Oracle database with a total storage of 35 Gb. The database is spread over two LUNS whith crossed primary / alternate SCSI controllers. This work fine, but after checking de autoraid performance logging with arraydsp en logprint i saw something strange. The working set ratio had a max of 6.2 and in the logprint-info i saw that the raid 1 capacity is far behind the working set amount. My guess is, that the autoraid writes data default to raid 5 when the working set ratio is above 1 and that it does not use the unallocated space if this occures.
My question is now. Has anyone deal with this and can someone tell what i must do too get de database in default raid 1 and which autoraid settings i mayby give another value. Please tell me this.

extra info: We must put all of the database on the autoraid. There is now no other way.

Cees Wielink
Brian M. Fisher
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Re: create an oracle database on a 12H autoraid

Use the arraydsp with the -r option (recommendations) command to determine whether any changes need made.

/opt/hparray/bin/arraydsp -r 07010000 08010000 XXXXXXXX

07010000 - from July 1 at midnight
08010000 - to Aug. 1 at midnight
XXXXXXXX - array serial number from /opt/hparray/bin/arraydsp -i

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Andreas Voss
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Re: create an oracle database on a 12H autoraid


have a look at this document site:


Maarten van Maanen
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Re: create an oracle database on a 12H autoraid


You state you've created a two LUN-volume on the AutoRAID but you don't mention how big this volume is. With 12 18Gb disk at hand, with active hot spare on, you should have a maximum of 158Gb at your disposal. Make sure you have plenty of space left for your Oracle DBMS.

Concerning your problem:
If you look at the AutoRAID, are both LED's of the controllers active. And how active are the LED's of the harddisks.
Also, could it be possible you have just installed this configuration and maybe restored the data from tape. In that case the AutoRAID will be working hard for a long time to adjust internally to what it will consider to be the best performance-oriented configuration.
You might want to look at iostat or Glance to see how much activity is going on on your volumes (read/writes). If all activity is on the AutoRAID, then it's the AutoRAID at work. You can also check this with the Arraydsp -m command. If the Working Set and Through Put is very high (like yours) but the SCSI Q is (relatively) within specs it's definitily the AutoRAID reconfiguring itself. In the past, I've head the Working Set reach a peak as high as 30 after reconfiguration of the AutoRAID.
BTW, if the AutoRAID is reconfiguring itself, it should not take longer than about 24 hours at most (this is an estimate).

Jerry Pinnell
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Re: create an oracle database on a 12H autoraid

Make sure you leave at least 10% free space (not allocated to file systems) for RAID 0/1 performance, otherwise you may lapse into RAID 5. See HP doc# A5802754.