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data migration

Subbu Krishna
Occasional Advisor

data migration


I have a N4000 connected to XP256 that is up and running. This is up for lease and we need to return this
to HP. I also have a new N 4000 with FC60 disk storage.

I need to transfer data from the old N to the new N.
Any idea ?...

Option 1 - Connect the XP256 and FC60 to the new N and do a mirror and then later break the mirror. I don't believe i have enough controllers on the new N to do this.

Option 2 - Tape backup and restore / copy the data over the network.

Aany thoughts ?.

Thanks for the help.

Dave Wherry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: data migration

How much data do you have on the XP? How many and what type of controllers do you have on each host?

By the way I would try to rework the deal and keep the XP and send the FC60 back.
Honored Contributor

Re: data migration

I agree with Dave: Keep the XP256, for performance and fuctionalities it offers...

Best regards
ÀÌ Ã¶ ½Â
Occasional Advisor

Re: data migration

I agree with dave & victor's opinion.
Supposing you could keep XP256,you can replace your leased N4000 with the new N class system much easier by just exporting and importing the volume group you have.It will take only 10 minutes.
But if you should return the xp,
1) Back up your data
2) Reduce the channel which connects xp & leased N4000 (I believe you have multiple path in both N4000 system) by reducing alternate path.
Unless you had the alternate path about xp256,you should vgexport the volume group and reassign the L-devs to smaller number of port on xp256,which will eventually present surplus of the channel. You may need HP'help on this case. And vgimport all the volume group you had vgexport.Please pay attention to keeping track of L-devs of XP.Many disks(L-devs) have the different device files compared before.
3) Attach FC60 to the leased N4000.
4) pvmove or mirror all the logical volume.
5) Attach FC60 to new N4000 and vgimport

If you don't need big disk array like xp256 or xp512,I'd like to recommend XP48.It can hold up to 48 HDD(usuable 2.6 Tera bytes with 73GB disks),24 Fiber channel port,16GB cache.You can get more information via "http://www.enterprisestorage.hp.com"
I hope it will help you.