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difference between HDS9900 and xp512

Margret Liu
Occasional Visitor

difference between HDS9900 and xp512

Hello everyone:

I will apprieciate if anyone can tell me if there are differences between HDS9900 and XP512.

HP claims that "The XP512 is based on Hitachi Data Systems??? (HDS???s) RAID 400 subsystem on which
the HDS Freedom Storage Lightning 9900, announced in June 2000, is also based (see Gartner
FirstTake "Hitachi Data Systems Takes Storage Specification Lead with Lightning 9900"). However,
HP has succeeded in differentiating its product through proprietary microcode features and
management software that improve the XP512's performance in HP/UX environments."

I noticed that the software provided by HP and by HDS are under different name , but I don't think the content are different too...

does anybody know some specific diffences between HP512 and HDS 9900?

Thanks a lot in advance.

harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: difference between HDS9900 and xp512