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disk array(12H)-unbinding luns

Kathy Ralston
Occasional Contributor

disk array(12H)-unbinding luns

We have a HP9000/T520 server that we just upgraded the OS to 11.0. When we try to unbind the LUNs, we get an error stating the array-id is unknown. We also get the same error when we try arraydsp -i. The arraymgr is not working either. Our firmware is currently at 54. We have been told that it should be at 56 & autoraid patches need installed. Could this revision code & patches be the root problem or do we need to look elsewhere? Thanks!
Vincenzo Restuccia
Honored Contributor

Re: disk array(12H)-unbinding luns

Try s700_800 11.X HP AutoRAID Manager cumulative patch(PHCO_22103
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: disk array(12H)-unbinding luns

Do "ps -ef|grep -i armserver" to make sure that
daemon is running.
If it'not, try to invoke the daemon as follows.
# /sbin/init.d/hparamgr start
( Variable HPARAMGR_START_STOP must set to 1 which is located in /etc/rc.config.d/hparamgr )

Please, check if ARMServer is now up.
AutoRAID firmware has nothing to do with this problem.

Best regards,
Never say "no" first.
Honored Contributor

Re: disk array(12H)-unbinding luns

1> ioscan -fnkCdisk
verify you see the autoraid (C5447A)
and that there are device files
2> if no device files
insf -eH 8/4
^hardware path to autoraid or just -e for everything

3> arraydsp -R
to rescan for supported arrays
wait for all ioscans to finish
5> if arraydsp reports ARMServer not running
/sbin/init.d/hparray start
6> if error on 5 install patch
7> I said wait for the ioscan's to finish (2 scans)!
8> arraydsp -i
9> if array not shown verify the patch matches your firmware. HP56 PHCO_16340 (1020) HP60 PHCO_22100
10> verify ARMServer is running
ps -ef |grep -i arm
11> if running no problem
unless you didn't wait for the ioscans! run top
12> arraycfg -L 5 -d SERIALNO
to delete LUN5

You can always use the control pannel but it is best to leave LUN 0, or create it before trying to start the ARMserver.

to automatically start the armserver edit /etc/rc.config.d/hparray

and on every reboot it'll start

It works for me (tm)