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disk firmware upgrade

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Super Advisor

disk firmware upgrade

I have a DL server connected with SA 6402 controller and connected to a dummy Array of disks with about 10 disks of 72 GB each.
we had some problems with disks and now i have been asked to check the firmware on each disk.
I noticed that we have different kinds of disks on the same array with different firmware each.
to do the firmware upgrade i should:
- boot on the firmware maintenance CD
- find the firmware or just do a scan
- apply the firmware on the disks
- or add the extra firmware and then do the upgrade

is this the way to do it?
is it necessary to have all the disks at the same firmware level?
is it always recommended to do the disks upgrade and then the Controller upgrade? or I should check the recommendations?
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: disk firmware upgrade

Hi Simon

1. Procedure mentioned by you is OK

2. All disks should preferably have same firmware level

3. After Disk Firmware upgrade, check system functioanlity before you decide to upgrade controller firmware

Super Advisor

Re: disk firmware upgrade

Thank you;
I'll go for the disk upgrade;
then i'll upgrade the driver for the card;
then i'll upgrade the firmware for the card.