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disk offline


disk offline

I have an rs/6 box connected to a netserver Lxepro thro' netraid 2si.Most of the time when the server is started in the morning many harddiks are going offline in the rs/6.Then we have to make them online or rebuild.But this is not happening everytime.

We used to start rs/6 box first then we used to start th server after making sure that all the hdds have spinned up.This is happening in another site also.(with same config)

Power source is a reliable is power redudndant.
We can't try replacing hdd bceause the it is not restriced to a particular hdd.I am planning o change th backplane PCB..

Anything else can be tried?

ur valuable suggestions will be helpful

thanks in advanve
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: disk offline


the rs/6 box support 40 Mb/s scsi only, the netraid (2si doesn't match) 1si is a 80 Mb/s scsi channel by default, the 2M have a 160 Mb/s scsi channel. check your scsi channel and eventuali speed down your transfer rate to 40 Mb/sec.
check also that all your hdd in the sare raid have the same product number, (to avoid different RPM )