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dl180 smart array P410 raid 1

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dl180 smart array P410 raid 1



I have a DL180 with a Smart Array Controler P410/512

1 disk sas 300 G

 2 disks sata 2T


I want to build  a Raid 1 with the 2 x 2T Disk

At startup,  I " F8"    to go  to the "ROM configuration array" menu


when selecting  "Create logical device" 


The system  see  the 2 x2 T disks

but the Raid configurations proposed are :

Raid 0 Raid 1+0 Raid 5

not   Raid 1 ...


How can I do to build a Raid 1?


Thank you ...



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Re: dl180 smart array P410 raid 1

I was tempted to select   R1+0   with 2 disk, so I did it

and  I felt in the Raid 1 mode ;-)

simple life!



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Re: dl180 smart array P410 raid 1

I did raid 1 + 0 waiting to have a Raid 1, however, to remove a HD system does not boot with 1 HD. As the raid 1 works on this server? thank you