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drive roaming with netraid

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Michael Ingensand
Occasional Contributor

drive roaming with netraid

We have a HP Netserver LH3 with a netraid controller.There a four disks integrated into a disk array(RAID5).The Server is a NT4 Server.
Now I want to test a Win2000 Installation.
Is it possible,because of drive roaming,to put in a new disk array(RAID5) with the new drives,install Win2000 and, if something goes wrong to put in back the old array with the NT4 Server on it and boot from the old system?

HP say the information about the array is stored both in the controller rom and on the disks.Which one has priority?

Thanks for answers.
never change a running system,except of a failure
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: drive roaming with netraid

what you can do is :

--save your config starting with cd-navigator >>netraid assistand (save on a floppy and keep with you cdrom)
--remove the 4 hdd with NT4 and sign on each the original place,
--reboot server without hdd,
--recreate a raid with new hdd
--install your system w2k
--if something wrong, >>>>

--keep out the new hdd
--clear netraid config
--insert original hdd
--boot server
--at boot time you will receive a message with mismatch
enter in express tools>>wiew ad delete config>>choise disk configuration and save it
--reboot with nt4