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error from dmesg output observed on 12H


error from dmesg output observed on 12H

hi all ... can somebody tell wat this error means in my dmesg output on node1 of a two node cluster sharing a 12H autoraid box.las ttime i got same sort of errors and a file system use to respond "i/o error"for bdf command.then i did a thorough Preventive Maintenance.this problem didnt repeat after that.but now similar error is there but there are no i/o errors..help pls...
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: error from dmesg output observed on 12H

It means than the path was switched from the primary controller X to Y on your 12H. The most common reason for this is using the default IO timeout on the physical disk. Do a pvdisplay /dev/dsk/cXtYdZ and note the IO Timeout value. If it is default (or less than 120 seconds) use pvchange to set it to at least 120 seconds. Somewhere in the range of 120-180 seconds is good. You should set the value on all the LUN's in your 12H.

Man pvdisplay, pvchange for details.

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