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error in HSV200-B


error in HSV200-B

Hello , dear

I Have HSV200-B and connection to storage is O.K But display <NO STORAGE SYSTEM>

Please Help Me For This Error.

WWN & Check SUM Is Correct


Re: error in HSV200-B

Hi rsa1,

Could you please let me know the following details:

1.  Are you getting this message on Command view EVA?

2. If not, are you seeing "NO STORAGE SYSTEM" on HSV200-B controller  Operator Control Panel (OCP)?

3.  If its on OCP, is it reported on both the controllers?

4.  Are you able to access the Luns/vdisks from the presented hosts.

If one controller is up and running and the other controller OCP shows "No storage system", I would suggest that you check if there is any backend loop issue and fix the loop issue.  You can also check in command view EVA for any hardware issue if the EVA is accessible from CV EVA with one controller.


Thank You!
I am a HPE employee

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