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eva notification


I have an issue setting up the notification for an eva5000.
I have configured the event notification on the sma for a user's mailbox (administrator mailbox on exch) and the mail server settings on the sma.
Within notification i have set the notifiction to mail for all severities but normal, configured for the administrator account.
The test mail gets send to the administrator mailbox (meaning the sma succeeds in mailing i guess).
The sma is in the domain, and the user account is a domain account.
However when i pull a cable from the hsv110 controller, command view does not send any mail.
I checked the dns settings, verified a hpsma record and updated the associated ptr record.
No luck so far.
To my understanding this means command view eva is not sending anything.
Im hoping someone knows what might be the problem here...


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: eva notification

Do you get a mail from the SMA itself if you, for example, change the date and time?

My main problem was that I had renamed the Appliance, but did non run a local discovery. From the main screen:
[Settings] -> [Discovery] and the run the 'Local SAN Discovery'.

You can check the setting in advance:
[Devices] -> [Discovered Devices]

Select the 'management appliance' and choose [Properties]. The IP field should show the current fully qualified domain name - if not, run the discovery as described above

Many events are not enabled - click on the EVA symbol and then:
[Set options] -> [Configure event notification]

At 'Configure events individually:', press the [Configure] button.

If you scroll down you will see that only a fraction is enabled - you can use [Notify all] for testing.

The next potential problem is the host notification:
[Set options] -> [Configure host notification]

If you choose [Modify host list], you MUST enter the fully qualified domain name of the Storage Management Appliance as instructed. Entering the IP address does not work - guess how I found that out??
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Re: eva notification


Thank you, this puts me in some direction.
I try this out and get back on this.


Tom O'Toole
Respected Contributor

Re: eva notification

I also found that in order to get replies, smnp properties had to be setup to enable
traps to/from the sanapp itself.

Even so, the email notification only
contains descriptions of the errors, and not specifics of the errors itself.

To say that the notification facilities on
the SANapp are convoluted is to be charitable.

If you install WEBES on the SANapp, it can do better event interpretaton and send you email notifications. I believe all of these programs are reading the windows application event log to get the events.
Can you imagine if we used PCs to manage our enterprise systems? ... oops.
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Re: eva notification

i was aware of webes
have not this before, so i need to pick this one up.
Is webes freely distributed ?


Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: eva notification

Be careful on what you alert for on the WEBES. :-)

We had been trying to track down where the event notifications that our SNMP monitoring sytems where receiving. We have ISEE and the earlier version of phone-home setup on our Applianaces. We were getting a ton of "false alarms" that were a 5010 event code. that did not have an accompanying E-mail from the phone home utility. After beating up our TAMS for explanations of this activity, and where it could be coming from for a couple of weeks, we finally tracked it down to WEBES. The 5010 event was being seen by WEBES in the application event log on the Appliance. It was sending an SNMP trap to the monitoring station sometimes several times a night. One of us would get woken up each time this was occuring. We found out after about 2 weeks that the 5010 event means that the San Appliance was unable to talk to the EVA because the EVA was too busy at the time to talk to the appliance. We turned off 5010, and have been able to get a good nights sleep since then. Anything major generates a phone home to HP.

Mike Naime
VMS SAN mechanic
Regular Advisor

Re: eva notification


Thanks for the warning.
I have found webes on the web.
But i think i will let HP do the honors in this case.
In Holland they are equiping the sma's with webes and isee after my installation at a customers site.
To my opinion i should be teached to install this they best way possible.

I can only fail at this point (i read the installation manual hehe)