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eva raid configuration

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eva raid configuration

some days ago,HP engineer configured eva3000.
the system is raid 1 and the physical size is 2T.at that time he configure disk in the OS(rx4640).
I knew eva doesn't have raid 0+1.So, he typed command which can configure stripe set.
I just want to know the stripe command in eva system.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: eva raid configuration


Some reading:




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Devender Khatana
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Re: eva raid configuration


This would have done at the LVOL level then. You can confirm it by checking the LVOL configuration on the host. The same can be listed by

#lvdisplay -v /dev/vgxx/lvol?

Where vgxx is the VG name and lvol? is the LVOL on EVA luns.

The command to create stripped lvols on hpux is

#lvcreate -L xxxx -I ? -i ?? /dev/vgxx

Where ? is the number of disks across which LVOL has to be stripped and ?? is the strip size.

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Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: eva raid configuration

>> I knew eva doesn't have raid 0+1.

Hmmm, how do you know this?
Please check your references because this is NOT correct.
The EVA provided Vraid1 is effectively raid 0+1.

The EVA will happily stripe and mirror over all the disks assigned to a group, which can be all the disks in the box.

And it can povided access through multiple fibres and HBA's.
Only if you need more than 1 EVA involved (extreme redundancy, or throughput) would I bother with striping/mirroring at the OS level beyond the EVA level.
Where are you performance needs (roughy?) more than 100MB/sec for drive and more than 10,000 IO/sec?

>> I just want to know the stripe command in eva system.

Create a disk with Vraid-0 attribute.
But... only do that for 'throw-away' data (scratch/temp/tmp), or post-mirrored data.

For starters check the eva 300 quickspeck q&a, and searcg for 'raid':


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Re: eva raid configuration

so,secure path is active and active? or active or standby?
Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: eva raid configuration

Hi Zungwon
You should understand "Virtualization" term
Virtualization allows data to be spread across more spindles (disks), dramatically improving performance. Disks no longer need to be arranged in traditional RAID sets by disk capacity size and type of RAID protection. Rather, a â virtualâ disk is defined, drawing its capacity from a designated pool of storage (disk group). Because of storage pooling virtualization, the Enterprise Virtual Array is able to support multiple virtual disks of varying capacity and RAID types within a single disk group. In addition, all virtual disks in a disk group will spread their capacity across all the physical disks that contribute to that disk group. see attached file for diagram
So that RAID 1=RAID0+1
you no need to config it more
HP is simple
Uwe Zessin
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Re: eva raid configuration

> so,secure path is active and active?

Neither. Secure Path runs on the host to manage multiple paths if the operating system cannot do that on its own and, depending on operating system, Secure Path version, storage array type and its firmware version it can support active/passive and active/active storage arrays.