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exchange of disk module in FC10

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exchange of disk module in FC10

After exchange of a 36G disk module in FC10 array new module can't get recognised. Diskinfo command returns an error. EMS says: taking the device offline because of world wide name change. Who could explaine?

Thanks in advance.



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David Navarro
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Re: exchange of disk module in FC10

Hi, I think you must do an ioscan -f command.
If this doesn't works look at this document.


Good Luck
Oliver Haensel
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Re: exchange of disk module in FC10


this is a new feature of the tachlite FC HBA (A5158A, A6684A, A6685A). The HBA maintains a list of all FC nodes in the SAN where the unique World Wide Name (equivalent to MAC address in networking) of each node is assigned to each (logical) NPortID. In the FC10 each disk has it's own FC controller (FC over copper) and therefore its own WWN. If you replace a FC disk you will get the same NPortID but with a new WWN. The host encounters an address conflict (double NportID!). To fix it you have to execute the following command on every HBA device file which has access (meaning: sees the device in ioscan) to that FC10 disk:
1. determine NPortID
fcmsutil /dev/tdX devstat all|grep Nport
(lists all NPortIDs)
2. test which disk isn't answering
fcmsutil /dev/tdX echo 0x[NPortID]
3. fix it
fcmsutil /dev/tdX replace_dsk 0x[NPortID]

Good luck!
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Re: exchange of disk module in FC10

Some additional info. The HBA is A3740A, so it doesn't support replace_dsk option. EMS info is attached. After new disk was not recognised the original disk was returned. There were several attempts of such exchange. It can be seen from attached info.

Frank Skibbe

Re: exchange of disk module in FC10

The only way with the A3740A is to power cycle the host. The interface must get a power lost so he reset the IO List, the new IO List fix the problem. The List could not cleared by command line only by the new iterface a5158A
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Re: exchange of disk module in FC10

so much for the hot-pluggable disk...

It works for me (tm)