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expand logical drive with a 5300 under w2k

Will Clark
Occasional Advisor

expand logical drive with a 5300 under w2k


So I???ve read and re-read the above postings and the Microsoft q article about diskpart.exe and I still have some questions.

First, my initial set up: I have a 5300 going to a storageworks 4354 with six 18.1 Gig drives. The array is raid 0+1 so I have about 54 gig of space. This array is my logical disk 1.

I just added two more 18.1 gig drives and tried to extend my logical drive 1 and obviously ran into the problem that this thread is discussing.
This is what I???ve done so far.
In the ACU version 2.90A, I created another logical disk 2.
In the disk management system of w2k the disk showed up as another drive
The wizard appear when I went into disk management and asked me put a disk signature on the drive and make it a dynamic volume. I did this. I called my volume ???D4??? and I set dynamic disk to ???simple disk???

That???s all I???ve done so far. Because I???ve ran into the following questions.
Here is what I understand should be my next steps but I want to make sure:

My logical dirve 1 is BASIC and from what I???ve read I have to make it dynamic in order to extend it. 1) Is this true?
And 2) When I do this should I make it a simple disk? It seems so since my hardware is taking care of the raid. 3) Microsoft says you wont loose data when going from basic to dynamic. Is that ture?

After I make my logical disk 1 a simple disk dynamic (which by the way is Drive E: on my system) then I go span the two logical disks so they have the same drive letter ???E:???

Then I go into the diskpart.exe utility and according to the q article basically type in a few commands like the volume name, in my case ???D4??? and type expand.

Next go into the ACU, click on the logical drive 2 and click on expand.

And hopefully that???s it.

Is this all correct? Am I missing a step?

Thank you all so much for helping me.
Will Clark
Occasional Advisor

Re: expand logical drive with a 5300 under w2k

I have successfully extended my logical drive with a basic drive WITHOUT restoring or loosing any data.
Here???s what you have to do in this order.
0) Upgrade to W2k SP3
1) Upgrade the firm ware for the 5300 control to version 2.92
2) Upgrade the firm ware of the hard drives using the Rompaq 3.03 (you will need 12 floppy disks and reboot using disk 1: follow the instructions: the flash takes a while)
3) Upgrade the ACU (array control utility) to the HP version 6.x (the Compaq 2.90 A version wont do the extend properly.)
4) Go into the HP???s ACU. It???s a web interface, it will try to log you on as administrator. The default password is ???administrator???
5) Click on the array you want.
6) Click on standard configuration
7) Click on Extend
8) Type in the recommended maximum
9) Click on Save (if you???re using a 600X800 screen you have to scroll over to see the save button)
10) This will take a while. (after you save the config you can close the web browser and go into the 2.90A version and look at the progress bar)
11) After the extend is done Reboot the computer.
12) Go into the 2wk Disk Manager, you should see the free space at the end of your logical drive
13) The following is for a basic drive
14) run diskpart.exe (you can download it from Microsoft)
15) type list volume
you should see the volume number of the drive you want to extend. Lets say its volume 3 you want to extend
16) type select volume 3
17) type extend
18) that???s it.
good luck.