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exportdb command not running

Joseph Samuel
Occasional Contributor

exportdb command not running

Hi All,
I was trying to collect pa data through exportdb but i got an error as

./exportdb -dkc 00000 -st 08.18.2007 15:52:00 -et 08.18.2007 16:20:00 -file xx.txt http://xx.xx.xx.xx:-1/pa/servlet/SecurityServlet

Pls provide me a solution.It's a xp1024 disk array.

I was executing from the server where pa CLUI was installed.
Bill Rothanburg
Trusted Contributor

Re: exportdb command not running

You'll want to ensure that you have the login set correctly for the CLI. The PA server will be with the regular user management, while the proputility will update the CLI for you.

You may also need to add the option "-mx512m" to the java command line in exportdb. With my larger arrays, it's had a problem downloading the information without it.