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exportdb troubles


exportdb troubles

I'm trying to run exportdb from an HPUX 11.11 host but I'm having some troubles.

Here is my command line:

/opt/clui/xppa/exportdb -st 07.12.2006 00:00:00 -et 07.24.2006 11:00:00 -dkc xxxxx -file /dump/main.report -dver 010500

This should put the 4 exportdb files at /dump.

instead I get main.report at /dump and
the other 3 (dumpnulldkc_main.report, dumpnullldev_main.report, dumpnullport_main.report) at /root. This is a problem becuase it fills up the /root file system. :(

So my questions are why are the last 3 files going to /root and why are they pre-fixed by 'dump'? How else can I word my command so that they all go to /dump?

Thanks in advance.