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external storage-XP 10k- EVA 6k- Business Copy

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farid S
Frequent Advisor

external storage-XP 10k- EVA 6k- Business Copy


I've successfully attached an EVA 6000 as External storage for an XP 10000. The volumes from the EVA ar discovered and mapped to LUs on the XP. (OPEN-V).
Now when I want to use Business Copy to replicate the XP (Open-V) volumes to the ES volumes (marked with a #), I'm not able to perform the pair create operation.
On the S-Vol pane for the pcreate, The ES volumes never show up, I tried changing the Filters, and also tried reserving the ES volumes...no success.
The Only thing that come to mind is that the P-Vol (XP ) and S-Vol (ES) must have the same size. But on my config, the P-Vols has sizes like 267.67, and on the EVA, I can only allocate integer sizes (268GB): is this preventing me from creating the pairs?
Is there any other issue, I should check?

Many thanks,
Nigel Poulton
Respected Contributor

Re: external storage-XP 10k- EVA 6k- Business Copy

Hmmmmm..... what about creating a very large LUN on the EVA and presenting that to the USP and map in UVM as a single large device. Then cut this up with CVS (may be HP call it LVI or VLL or something....) as a set of custom volumes that all exactly match the size of the PVOL. Make sure that you specify the size of the custom volumes in blocks to be exactly the same number of blocks as the PVOL.

Hope this helps,

Talk about the XP and EVA @ http://blog.nigelpoulton.com
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: external storage-XP 10k- EVA 6k- Business Copy

Did it work now?

Best practice of our engineers here is not to create ES volumes 1:1 but creating a larger LUN on the EVA (usually with the size of an XP internal array group for manageability) and then carve out CVS Volumes with the exact same sizes as the internal LDEVs.

And; sound like you wanted to set it up using Remote Console, right?
Using Raid Manager is much easier.


I love storage
Regular Advisor

Re: external storage-XP 10k- EVA 6k- Business Copy

Hi Farid,
The Xp and the EVA use different block sizes to represent the lun size. You can view the LUN size in blocks using Volume Manager-> Custom Volume Size. The EVA luns should be created using the same block size as the XP Luns.

Hope this helps
farid S
Frequent Advisor

Re: external storage-XP 10k- EVA 6k- Business Copy

THX Dudes.