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fc60 Disk array Question

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fc60 Disk array Question

Hi ,
I have Fc60 disk array and already 2 luns are configured in that .Now I have added one more 36 gb hard disk .But it is not being recognized at the vg level.i believe something else has to be done to bind the hard disk to te lun.Can any body let me know the procedure of the same.
Steven Gillard_2
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Re: fc60 Disk array Question

Firstly, if you only have the one spare disk, you shouldn't (can't?) create a LUN on it alone. That would defeat the purpose of having the array, because you would lose redundancy. You want multiple disks in difference enclosures to be part of the LUN.

Anyway here's the steps. I recommend you have a browse through the FC60 users guide before doing anything.

- Determine the disks that will be used on the LUN and find their ID's. You can view the disks with "amdsp -d "

- Determine what RAID level you will use

- Determine the LUN number. It should be 1 greater than the current largest LUN number on the system. Use "amdsp -l " to view the existing LUNs.

- Create (bind) the LUN with the "amcfg -L" command. Refer to the man page for more details - you will need to specify the primary controller, LUN number, disk ids and RAID level.

- Run ioscan -f so that HPUX picks up the new LUNs

- Run insf -e -H to add the device files. Also run an insf for the alternate hardware path.

You can now pvcreate the primary LUN device and then vgextend it and the alternate LUN device into a volume group.

John Waller
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Re: fc60 Disk array Question

I don't believe you can add a single disk to an existing LUN . You have to remember that the LUN has already been created and would have been automativally mirrored / striped or configured to a RAID level. By trying to add an extra disk will upset the entire config. Only thing you can do is backup your data , unmount and lvols and remove your VG, amcfg -D to unbind the LUN then use either SAM or amcfg to recreate the LUN including your new disk. After recreate your vg, lvol's and restore your data.

I'm not an expert but this is my enderstanding
Helen French
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Re: fc60 Disk array Question


U need to take a full backup of the existing lun. Then break it and reconfigure a new one by including the new 36GB HDD. U can do this through SAM.

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rich reiser
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Re: fc60 Disk array Question

short strokes

ioscan -funC disk
can you see the physical disk that was added?
y-pvcreate the disk, vgexentd to the desired vg
do you have a support contract?
y-call hp and get assistance adding the disk to a new or existing lun
n-execute arraydsp -i
execute arraydsp -a s/n from above
Check for the existence of a new mech in the output and reference configuration manual for remainder of process to add a new mech to an existing lun or creating a new lun processes.