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fc60 can't see disks in some slots

Allyn Fratkin
Occasional Contributor

fc60 can't see disks in some slots

i was replacing our 6 36GB hot spares with 73GB disks and making the 36GB disks "data" disks that would be bound into a LUN. i pulled the 36GB disks out and moved them to different slots, and
installed the 73GB disks in the slots where the old hot spare disks had been. i did NOT mark the 36GB spares "unassigned" before doing this (i forgot). now the 36GB disks cannot be seen in the new location!
(i should mention that i have never used slot 5 before so i don't know if it has ever worked with our FC60).

to add some detail, our FC60 array has slots 0-4 and 9 filled in each of 6 SC10 cabinets. the hot spares are in slot 9. i moved the disks in slot 9 to slot 5 in each SC10. now the FC60 acts like the slot 5's are disabled and won't see any disks in slot 5 (either the 73GB disks or the 36GB disks). the 36GB disks work fine in slots 6-8 but i want them in 5!

the FC 60 seems to be in some confused state. normally when a disk is inserted, the green led for that disk glows for a couple of seconds (powering up, i assume) and then a little while later stays on for about 30 seconds, which i assume is the FC60 checking out the disk. when a disk is inserted in slot 5, only the first led glow happens. the FC60 never follows up to investigate the drive.

what can i do? i've already tried moving the 36GB disks back to slot 9 and marking them "unassigned". but that didn't help anything. i'm going to power the whole thing off tomorrow and back on to see if that resets anything.

Allyn Fratkin
Occasional Contributor

Re: fc60 can't see disks in some slots

never mind. i power-cycled the array and it worked fine after that.
Honored Contributor

Re: fc60 can't see disks in some slots

There is a power sequence to follow when
replacing/ inserting units into the FC60.

To power up the array, first apply power to the disk enclosures, wait for around 2 minutes so that all disks fully spin up, and then power up the controller.
Otherwise the array will not recognise the
disk enclosures.

There should have been no problem hot plugging
disks.. afterall if a disk fails and you
want to replace it, it'd be preferred not
to take down your filesystems.

One of the real important rules of any ha
disk array is to do all replacement possible

The BCC is a little more difficult to replace,
it does require the FC60 to be powered off,
and the connector to be removed from the FC60
side before the BCC side.
You can get most of this info from docs.hp.com


It works for me (tm)