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fc60 controller B is passive

Frequent Advisor

fc60 controller B is passive

Hi, here's the configuration:

HP-UX 11.00
XSWGR Dec 2000
XSWHWCR Dec 2000
OnlineDiag Dec 2000
FC60 with 2SC10 in Full Bus and 2 SC10 in Split Bus
controller A is connected to N class
controller B is connected to K class
8 Luns have been created (0 was replaced)

from SAM:
from N class: 1st controller is active
from K class: 2nd controller is passive

because of that, I can't see any LUN from controller B

things which I have tried:
changed controlers A to B and B to A
The new controler B is now with the problem that is K still doesn't see LUN's
Changed cable from GBIC (A) to GBIC (B)
Now K sees the LUN's but N doesn't.

FC60 was switched on and off at every test

any Idea?
Frequent Advisor

Re: fc60 controller B is passive

Finally I did get the answer:

Set Both Controllers to Active State. To reset both controllers to the active state, type:
ammgr -c AA

Note: This is not documented in the ammgr man page.