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from raid0 to raid5

J.D. Meisner
Occasional Visitor

from raid0 to raid5

I accidentally changed my configuration on a LH3000 netserver to raid 0 after adding 2 18GB disks. Originally I had 2 18GB disks in raid1, but now there are 4 18GB disks in raid0. WinNT still only uses 18GB. I now want to go to raid 5 with 4 18GB disks without losing data. Is this possible without restoring my data from backup or adding another disk?
David Holbrook
Regular Advisor

Re: from raid0 to raid5

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to create the Raid 5 the drives will need to be reformatted and blank. I assume you are using a Raid controller to create the array, and you are going to put the NT OS on a part of the array? First, be sure you have a good backup, because you will need to reinstall the NT OS after you rebuild the array, then you can restore from tape to replace your existing configuration. However, I would make sure your have removed any broken mirror configuration before you back up, or the reinstall/restore will still be looking for a mirror. Hope this helps, David