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harddisk red light

kamal al-azab
Occasional Contributor

harddisk red light

hi alla

i have MSA30 connected to HP server

i have ten harddisks ainstalled , three of thim give red light , the hardisks new
what the problem

beside that , i see that the AC power led give red light

i need to read technical document about this type of storage
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: harddisk red light

Yes, better to read it ;-)

A red light on a disk may indicate a failure, same for the chassis.

Hope this helps!

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Kranti Mahmud
Honored Contributor

Re: harddisk red light

Hi Kamal,

Check the link:


Secondly, The HDD may not be configured as 5 HDD can't be factory fault. Please try to reconfigure the HDD by reading manual.

AC power LED is RED due to power problem, so please check the power source as well as power supply of the storage.

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: harddisk red light


depends upon the MSA version.

some are 7 drives one side 7 drives on the other side

all have 2 psu's

one psu may power one side and the other power the other side.

i would suspect that either there is no power going down the power cord or the psu is faulty, or faulty fan on the psu. does the fan spin up on the psu?

try reseating the psu with the red led first