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hardware RAID controller for HP9000 servers

Sander Hoppe
Occasional Visitor

hardware RAID controller for HP9000 servers

HP does not seem to produce a single external hardware RAID controller, other than enclosed in a mass storage device like the AutoRAID. I did not find any HP-PB, HSC, EISA PCI or SCSI controller card. Why ? I would rather use hardware for better performance, but I don't want a 3rd party solution for support reasons.

Thanks for informing me,

Sander Hoppe
Patrick Wessel
Honored Contributor

Re: hardware RAID controller for HP9000 servers

There is a PCI RAID interface (A5856A) in the pipeline. I'm not sure, but I heard that it would be available in June. Supported hosts are A- L and N-Class.

Using four Ultra2 SCSI channels, the RAID 4Si can achieve data transfer rate of up to a 266 MB/sec. across the PCI bus and up to 80 MB/sec. across each LVD channel.
The A5856A RAID 4Si card is compatible with Wide Low Voltage Differential (LVD) devices. Typically these devices are called Ultra2 SCSI devices. Most of these devices can handle a connection to either LVD or SE (single-Ended) SCSI adapters. When running in LVD mode the max speed is normally Ultra2 (80 MB/s) or Ultra (40 MB/s) depending on the capability of the device. When running in SE mode the speed is normally Ultra or lower
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