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help me in understanding storage concepts

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Raja N
Occasional Contributor

help me in understanding storage concepts

can any one there help in understanding following questions

1.What exactly happens when two fabric switch are get connected. i under stand that the second switch's configuration has to be cleared but iam more interested about how the merging happens. Will the connected switches act like single switch?

2. How AL_PA works in EVA controller

"Will be much useful if any can provide storage controller concepts documents".

Raja N
Honored Contributor

Re: help me in understanding storage concepts

1. zone merging

2. only EVA back-end is AL, there are e.g. (FC-AL Device ports). EVA front end ports are pure FC F-ports.

the functionality is described e.g. here:
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Sivakumar MJ._1
Respected Contributor

Re: help me in understanding storage concepts

Check our forum postings....

For HP Online Case Logging-->http://support.openview.hp.com/
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: help me in understanding storage concepts

1. No, the switches will not simply act like one large switch. For example, each switch requires a unique "Domain-ID", which is part of the 24-bit "Fibre Channel address" (some other popular names are: FCID, PID or N_Port ID ;-)

2. An AL_PA (Arbitrated Loo p_ Phyiscal Address) is just an 8-bit address for devices on an FC_AL (Fibre Channel _ Arbitrated Loop).

FC_AL is complex topic. Does it help if I say that the previous generation used "hard addressing" and the current generation uses "soft addressing"?