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how do result the problem

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how do result the problem

i have many type os connect VA7410,such as Windows 2000,Solaris ,i need to create host port Behavior table ,i had created the table,so run the command on the Dell pc server,it is running windowns 2000,it has two HBA connect brocade swich ,va7410 's two controller connect the switch.
c:\window\armhost -r -f hpbset.txt 00SG336J0092
warning informatWarning State > dsp

Array World Wide Name: 0xffffffffffffffff
Array State: Warning State

Identity Storage Problem

Serial Number:
Status Summary: OK ion display "NO Responding Device \\.physicaldrive1_unkown scsi state
va7410 's warning state led is on ,i connect va7410 com ,
Entry 51
Event Type: 0x1
Sequence Number: 36624675
Time Stamp: 23h:21m:27s, 5-13-2004
Module ID: 0x0b1
Controller SN: 00PR02C10912
Process ID: 0xffffffff
Slot: 0x0
Event Length: 0x23
Event Code: 0x1d1
Count: 0x1
Enclosure ID: 0x0
Slot: 0xb0
Component: 0x48
Subcomponent: 0xff
Event Unique Information:
MirrorMemory selftest failed
Warning State >

va7410's user data do not lost,what will i do?



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