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how to needed : recode disk drive firmware in MA8000's ??

George Quist
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how to needed : recode disk drive firmware in MA8000's ??


Am looking for a procedure info on "how" to recode disk drive firmware in an MA8000 array.. Once apon a time the HSUTIL tool that runs on the HSG80's was "supposed" to handle this task... ??
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Re: how to needed : recode disk drive firmware in MA8000's ??

GQ- are you looking to back rev the drives , bring them all to a consistant and current level? thanks.
Jason Lee3
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Re: how to needed : recode disk drive firmware in MA8000's ??

Hi George,

If you are using .LOD or .BIN firmware files HSUTIL is still fine. The tricky bit sometimes is getting the FW files onto the HDD. I have included an example of the process below for an OpenVMS system as it was one we completed a while back and is probably the hardest. If you are using UNIX or windows hosts you will find the copy easier and just look at the HSUTIL section below not the host work. We find it best to use a spare disk presented as a JBOD for the FW files. If you need FW files I may be able to provide them but I would need a list and preferably a "show disk full" output



The following was performed on a OpenVMS server with an attached HSZ70.
I presented the spare disk (dkb200) to the VMS server prior to the next steps.

The dqa0: device is the servers cdrom to which I had previously written.

$ mount/over=id dqa0
%MOUNT-I-WRITELOCK, volume is write locked
%MOUNT-I-CDROM_ISO, 051115_1645: (1 of 1) , mounted on _EEYORE$DQA0:
$ set def dqa0:[000000]
$ init dkb200: test
$ mount/over=id dkb200
$ copy/cont/log *.*;* dkb200:
%COPY-S-COPIED, DQA0:[000000]9LP_0310.102;1 copied to DKB200:[000000]9LP_0310.10
2;1 (606 blocks)
%COPY-S-COPIED, DQA0:[000000]RZ1DF_XB_0372.BIN;1 copied to DKB200:[000000]RZ1DF_
XB_0372.BIN;1 (576 blocks)
%COPY-S-COPIED, DQA0:[000000]RZ29B_DEC_0016.LOD;1 copied to DKB200:[000000]RZ29B
_DEC_0016.LOD;1 (511 blocks)
%COPY-S-NEWFILES, 3 files created

$ dump/header/block=count=0 dkb200:[000000]*.bin

Dump of file DKB200:[000000]RZ1DF_XB_0372.BIN;1 on 15-NOV-2005 22:42:09.26
File ID (12,1,0) End of file block 576 / Allocated 576

File Header

Header area
Identification area offset: 40
Map area offset: 100
Access control area offset: 255
Reserved area offset: 255
Extension segment number: 0
Structure level and version: 2, 1
File identification: (12,1,0)
Extension file identification: (0,0,0)
VAX-11 RMS attributes
Record type: Undefined
File organization: Sequential
Record attributes:
Record size: 0
Highest block: 576
End of file block: 577
End of file byte: 0
Bucket size: 0
Fixed control area size: 0
Maximum record size: 0
Default extension size: 0
Global buffer count: 0
Directory version limit: 0
File characteristics: Contiguous
Caching attribute: Writethrough
Map area words in use: 3
Access mode: 0
File owner UIC: [SYSTEM]
File protection: S:RWED, O:RWED, G:RE, W:
Back link file identification: (4,4,0)
Journal control flags:
Active recovery units: None
File entry linkcount: 0
Highest block written: 576
Client attributes: None

Identification area
File name: RZ1DF_XB_0372.BIN;1
Revision number: 2
Creation date: 22-MAY-2000 02:00:12.00
Revision date: 15-NOV-2005 22:41:51.45
Expiration date:
Backup date:

Map area
Retrieval pointers
Count: 576 LBN: 1044

Checksum: 41124

$ dismount/nounload dkb200

HSZ> sho disk
Name Type Port Targ Lun Used by

DISK10200 disk 1 2 0 D200
DISK20200 disk 2 2 0 D100
DISK50300 disk 5 3 0
DISK60300 disk 6 3 0

HSZ> run hsutil
*** Available functions are:

Enter function number (0:3) [0] ? 2
Available single device units on this controller include:
Unit Associated Device SCSI Product ID Current Device Rev
100 DISK20200 RZ2DD-LS (C) DEC 0306
200 DISK10200 RZ2DD-LS (C) DEC 0306
Which unit is the code to be loaded FROM ? 200
What is the starting LBN [0] ? 1044
What is the SCSI PRODUCT ID of the device that you want code load TO ? rz1df
Unattached devices on this controller include:
Device SCSI Product ID Current Device Rev
DISK60300 RZ1DF-CB (C) DEC 0371
Which device is the code to be loaded TO ? disk60300
If the vendor's method of updating the code image has changed for this
device, it may be necessary to treat this as an unsupported device.
Do you want to process this device as an unsupported device (y/n) [n] ?
What is the TOTAL SIZE of the code image in
bytes (min:65537, max:524288) [294912] ?
^Y and ^C will be disabled while the code load operation is in progress.

Loading the incorrect firmware can disable the destination device.
If a failure occurs while loading drive memory, the destination device
could be disabled. A backup of the disk drive should be done before a
code load.

With some device code releases, a format is required after the
device code load in order to make the device usable.
Check the release notes of the device or contact the device vendor
to see if this is the case. Note: a format will destroy all data
on the device.

In order to minimize the possibility of a SCSI bus reset, which
could disable the destination device, it is recommended that you prevent
non-HSUTIL IO operations on all other devices on the same port as the
destination device.

After you answer the next question, the code load will start.
Do you want to continue (y/n) [n] ? y

HSUTIL is doing code load. Please be patient.

Device code has been successfully downloaded to device DISK60300

HSUTIL - Normal Termination at 13-JAN-1946 05:02:34
HSZ> sho disk60300
Name Type Port Targ Lun Used by

DISK60300 disk 6 3 0
TRANSFER_RATE_REQUESTED = 20MHZ (synchronous 20.00 MHZ negotiated)
Size: 17769177 blocks