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hp server

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hp server

hp 8400 server.virtual array VA7100. hard disk fault. how to check RAID level and how to replace.
Pete Randall
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Re: hp server

You need to check Command View SDM software to determine RAID level. This do should help you replace the failed disk:


Patrick Wallek
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Re: hp server

If the disk is in the raid array, you **SHOULD** be able to take out the bad disk and insert the new disk. The array should then rebuild automatically.

You can use the 'armdsp' command on the rp8400 to see the status of the disk array.

Use 'armdsp -i' to get the "alias" or "Serial Number" of the array.

# armdsp -i
Product ID: HP-A6189A
Device Type: Virtual Disk Array
Alias: hqarray
World Wide Name: 50060b0000092ce1
Unique ID: HPA6189A00SG209H0036
Serial Number: 00SG209H0036
Management Path:

You can then use "armdsp -a" with the alias or serial number to get information about the array.

Using the output above you would do either:

# armdsp -a hqarray


# armdsp -a 00SG209H0036