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hpux 11i v2 - A9890A expand RAID5 online

Markus Paesler
Occasional Contributor

hpux 11i v2 - A9890A expand RAID5 online


i have a RAID5-System over 6 Disks and i want to increase the space by expanding it with 2 disks.

Is there a way to expand the raid5 system online on my system running hpux 11i v2 (11.23)?
Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: hpux 11i v2 - A9890A expand RAID5 online


you will have to go through backup and restore, assuming you have the RAID5 Lun under LVM control. Because when you run vgcreate LVM discovers the size of the Lun and the number of physical extents.

so your options are either :
backup data
re-create larger lun with all disks
re-create vg and lvols and filesystems
restore data
or: create a RAID1 Lun with the new disks only and add it to the existing VG, assuming your RAID1 Lun will not be bigger than your RAID5 Lun. This vgextend can be done online.