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increase of disk space

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increase of disk space


I have a following disk configuration(Hp-Ux11i):
RAID1- 2 disk->36*2=72GB(One for mirroring) i.e 36GB avaialable for actual use and
allocated for operating system files and oracle.
RAID5- 5 disk->72*3=216GB(One for parity) i.e 144GB avaialable for actual use and
available for oracle database.

Out of 144GB, only 90GB is allocated under u01/, u02/ and u03/ for oracle database as under:
/dev/vg02/lvol3 30720000 22794004 7802168 74% /u03 (i.e 30GB)
/dev/vg02/lvol2 30720000 20774088 9790540 68% /u02 (i.e 30GB)
/dev/vg02/lvol1 30720000 23963644 6651988 78% /u01 (i.e 30GB)

Now, my problem is that oracle database have been increasing rapidly and to accommodate the future growth
I want to increase each abovemention drive by 10GB.

Can anybody tell how to do it.

Million in thanks in advance.


Re: increase of disk space

Can you check you have space left in your volume group (vg02):

vgdisplay /dev/vg02

Assuming you have space available you will be able to extend the logical volumes using lvextend (man lvextend).

If you have onlineJFS you will be able to then extend the filesystem online using fsadm (man fsadm_vxfs)

If you *don't* have onlineJFS, you will need to stop oracle, umount the filesystems and use extendfs to extend the filesystem (man extendfs_vxfs)