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install a new VA7410 with RP8400

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Stephen Coll
Occasional Advisor

install a new VA7410 with RP8400

hello ,

we have to install a new va 7410 with 02 rp 8400 via 02 swith brodcast with hpux 11i, i have not experience to do that.

if any have an experience for this ,please give the steps and all things like king of loop, patchs to install, is it better to create a small luns and attaches them to a volume groupe or create one big lun for this volume groupe , the best setting for va ,in with RDG to create Luns ( in RDG1 or RDG2 )..etc...etc..

Best Regards

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: install a new VA7410 with RP8400

In your situation, when you do not have experience, I would recommend you to ask HP to install your SAN (at least for your first time). It will be fast and at expert level.
Major steps are:
- installing FC HBAs to hosts, installing latest FC drivers, Diags, RG and HWE patch bundles;
- connecting FC HBAs to brocade switches, connecting VA to brocade switches;
- setting/checking host port behavior for VA to be as hpux, setting port type to fabric;
- installing CommandView SDM;
- configuring VA to have LUN 0 = 10MB, no user data. In acse of Security will be turned on assign default permission 'WC'