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Helen Herring
Frequent Advisor


What does the output from logprint look like. Our logprints were corrupt from the armserver timing out or either the corrupt logs caused the armserver to timeout. I deleted and recreated the logs and when I issue the command logprint all I get is individual usage record for XXXXX on XXXXX date. Aren't there statistics?
Honored Contributor

Re: logprint

It looks much like all those errors you see on your console or from EMS emails.

It's not all that clear to read, but the CE's / support do have a logprint analyser to examine for problem signatures.

It works for me (tm)
steven Burgess_2
Honored Contributor

Re: logprint

Hi there

Arm Log Print
Log File Summary
File name Begin Time End Time
L0001253 Dec 15 19:30:01 Dec 16 04:30:00
L0001254 Dec 16 05:30:01 Dec 16 14:30:00
L0001255 Dec 16 15:30:01 Dec 17 00:30:00

Other entries

Log File: /var/opt/hparray/log/L0003865

Usage record for Subsystem 0000011D3BA0 at Fri Nov 30 20:49:51 2001

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