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migrate disk array

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Rogier Boeken
Frequent Advisor

migrate disk array


i currently have a dl380g2 with a scsi attached disk array (storage works 4314) with 1 raid 5 configuration with 1 logical disk)

on the dl380 g2 in windows 2003 this disk array is assigned drive letter e.

the drive letter e (NTFS formatted) contains a repository of backup snapshots which i would like to keep

i would like to move the disk array to a dl380g3 which has the same 5i raid controller as the g2

i understand that the raid information is contained on the disk itself but will the new dl380 g3 windows install recognise the harddisk as a valid windows drive or do i have to reformat it in order for windows on this new server to recognise the harddisk? I hope it will just recognise it as an NTFS drive and all the information will be intact

many thanks
Esteemed Contributor

Re: migrate disk array

Hi Rogier, this should work just fine, the disk meta data will allow the array to be detected and added to the presentation and windows disk manager will see the new LUN. I guess the G3 is also running 2003? Just remember to power the shelf before booting the server. I've done this with SAN presented volumes as well as straight SCSI attached drives and had no problems.
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Rogier Boeken
Frequent Advisor

Re: migrate disk array

thanks for your response

yes i will be running 2003 on the new server also

i have done this once before in the past and the windows 2003 install did see the disk but did not recognise it for some reason.

i will give this a go later on this week and will let you know how it goes