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migrating single disk to raid1

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migrating single disk to raid1

We have several ml350 with one harddisk and netware 6.
We want to extend those system with an SA 641 controller and 2 new harddisks so we can make an raid 1 configuration.
My question is can you connect an HD from an scsi single disk system to an SA controller and upgrade the single disk (=then raid 0) to an raid 1 configuration without doing an backup and restore.

Leon Urbanus
Honored Contributor

Re: migrating single disk to raid1

You should be able to, as long as you do not initialize the array when you create it, i.e. the controller does not format the array, and you place the original disk as the first selected disk in the created array.
Of course, you should backup also. You would not want to lose the data.
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