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moving disks from server to server

Guido Aulisi
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moving disks from server to server

Hi everybody,
we have 2 hp lc2000 servers both with netraid and 3 raid 5 disks, and recently one of the servers went down and never booted againd. I need to copy the data in the 3disk raid 5 array, so i moved the disk to the 3 empty slots of the other server, configured a new logical disk. But i can't read the data, the partitions (linux ext2) are corrupted. The question is:
is drive ordering important to reconstruct a raid 5 array, or informations are kept on the disk and so the card can reconstruct it?
Also i don't know if the 2 netraid cards are really identical in model and firmware, the one still functioing is a netraid 1 with firware a.04.00. Thanks
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Re: moving disks from server to server

Sure, the order of the disk in array is very critical to reconstruct the Disk-Array!!!

If you didn't initial the disk, the data are still kept on the disk, you can setup the disk in the origianl order and rebuid the disk-array again.

Wish you good luck.