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moving hard drives in an array

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moving hard drives in an array

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the following scenario? I would like to move the hard drives in an Array from the 5i controller to the 5300 Raid controller. Server is a DL380 g3, running Red Hat 7.3. Is this possible to do without data loss? Thank you very much.
Steven Clementi
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Re: moving hard drives in an array


The Smart Array Controller will not have any issues with the moving of the disks. You OS on the other hand might. You should not lose any data.

You need to make sure your OS can address the new controller first, then you should be able to move the drives and either disable the onboard controller or be prepared to modify some system settings using either init 1 (if you can get that far) or some bootable OS CD that allows you access to the drives to make the necessary modifications to your start up files (disk designations might be different, IE SDA,SDB,SDC might be SDD,SDE,SDF).

Of course, not being a linux GURU doesn't help, but I do know some things.

Steven Clementi
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