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msa 500 stripe size on Linux with OCFS

Parag Chaudhari
Occasional Advisor

msa 500 stripe size on Linux with OCFS

I am about to build an msa 500 array attached to 2 (two) DL 380 servers with RedHat ES3 Update 3. I am trying to set the same block size from Oracle db, OS, to the array stripe size. I see via ACU that the minimum stripe size I can set an array is 8kb.

I am planning to go OCFS for the shared disk. http://oss.oracle.com/projects/ocfs2/dist/documentation/ocfs2-whats-new.txt
says OCFS2 supports upto 4k, so does it mean I have to go 8k for array size while 4k for os and db ......??

If I go raw partition, then should I go 8k db block size ?

Thanks again in advance for your time and insights.