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msa1000/1500 mgmt setup

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msa1000/1500 mgmt setup

hi we have 5 msa we want to manage through a brocade san using acu 7.15.19. we have zoned the mall together with a windows mgmt host and nee dto know if its a supported config. also, if its not what would be the best way to manage 5 seperate msa1000/msa1500 mix of arrays.

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Re: msa1000/1500 mgmt setup

Hi Eddie!

In your case, there are 3 key requirements that must be accomplished:

1) All MSA and managment host must be in the same zone on Brocade
2) Installed ACU on managment host
3) HP FC HBA (I had negative experience when Qlogic HBA don't "seen" MSA)
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Re: msa1000/1500 mgmt setup

Hello Eddie,

This should work. Its a supported config.
But its advisable to zone every host to the correct msa. (Best practise).
What i mean is when you have MSA A,B,C,D,E
and Host K,L,M

K needs to access A and C
L needs to access them all
M needs to access B,D and E

Create a zone for K,L,M
(K,A) and (K,C)

With only 5 MSA's and a few hosts i would prefer portzoning.
Please update ACU to the latest , can be downloaded from hp.com (donwload the ADU with the same version as well) both can be downloaded from HP.com.

Kind Regards
Ted Buis
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Re: msa1000/1500 mgmt setup

You should mention the host OS, since HP-UX has special conditions for the MSA.
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