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msa1000 a/a controllers

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msa1000 a/a controllers

Is there not a way to have the LUNs balanced over the 2 controllers when using A/A FW?? It appears that all activity is running through only one currently.

I assume I have to do it from the command line, but anyone have any ideas, or quick links to help me out.

Mike Gentles
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Re: msa1000 a/a controllers


It looks like it will depend on the multipath software you have installed (MPIO or SecurePath). This is from the "migrating to active/active controllers in a windows environment". The link direct to the pdf is; http://bizsupport.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00841968/c00841968.pdf

"If HP StorageWorks Secure Path for Windows is installed, it can not access or manage HP
StorageWorks active/active MSA1000/1500 disk arrays."


If it is not in a windows environment, check the follwoing link for the environemnt your are in;


You may have already seen these if you have already upgraded your firmware.


Patrick Terlisten
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Re: msa1000 a/a controllers

Hello Mike,

if you're using HPs full-featured MPIO with the MSA DSM you can change the load-balancing policy in the (hopefully) installed MPIO Manager. Furthermore you assign a LUN to a controller. AFAIK will I/O be done over both paths. If I/O is received over Controller B, but the preferred controller for a LUN is controller A, the I/O will be internally proxied to Controller A. This is called "proxy I/O". You can check this under the MSA controller CLI.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Best regards,