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msa1500cs acu gui

Greg Cotten

msa1500cs acu gui

Does anyone know if it is possible to manage two MSA1500 disk arrays that are connected to a MSA1500cs via System Management Homepage or Insight manager? I have installed the ACL-CLI but I don't want to configure it using the difficult commands, there has to be a way to configure the disk arrays through a browser. We have HP-UX 11i EOE, and two 14 disk MSA1500's and one MSA1500cs. I can get to the ACU command line to configure, so I know it works but I wonder if there is an easier way.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: msa1500cs acu gui

Not from HP-UX:


Supported storage configuration tools:
MSA Command Line Interface (CLI): Accessed via a direct serial cable connection to the MSA controller.

Array Configuration Utility Command Line Interface (ACU-CLI): Accessed from an HP-UX server with a Fibre Channel connection to the MSA

Array Configuration Utility (ACU): Accessed via a Microsoft Windows or Linux ProLiant server in the SAN, with a Fibre Channel connection to the MSA.

Do you have a Windows or Linux server with access to those MSAs?