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Disk Enclosures
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need some help with "new" old hp equipment

Clint Stotesbery
Occasional Visitor

need some help with "new" old hp equipment

We recently inherited some hp equipment. Here's a list:
1 j2240 server
2 800/h70 9000 servers
some c200
some c110
some 715/80

hard drives
3 a3312a hass enclosure racks
1 a3311a hass enclosure tower
some a3320a 4.0 GB Differential SCSI 7200 rpm
some a3646a 4.0 GB Single Ended SCSI 7200 rpm
some a3646a 4.3 GB Eingle Ended SCSI 7200 rpm
some a3318a 2.0 GB Differential SCSI 7200 rpm
some a5238a 9.1 GB Differential SCSI 7200 rpm
st19171wd 9.0 GB internal (from servers)
st32430wd 2.15 GB internal (from servers)

We have around 140 GB worth of drive space now. What we'd like to do is have one rack enclosure with the 9.1 GB differential drives and the other with all the single ended drives. I need to know what SCSI cards will work with the enclosures and with windows 2000 also. One guy already fried a SCSI card, then he decided to download the manual for the rack and enclosure. i haven't had much time to look into it but we'd like to work under windows 2000 with raid 5. Any suggestions for SCSI cards or if will even work under W2k? Thanks everyone.