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netraid-2m DS2100 Problem

Occasional Advisor

netraid-2m DS2100 Problem

We 've the following config:
Compaq DL580G2
HP Netraid-2M
HP DS2100 with 4 HDD 36GB 10Krpm

The 4 HDD are configured in two RAID-1 array

The system has been working fine since recently.
The system has been rebooted and since then each time it reboots a different HDD ( sometimes more than one ) is taken offline.

The first actions taken includes:
- DS2100 substitution.
- Failed HDD substitution
- Update of DL580 BIOS, Netraid FW
- netraid replacement.

It seems somteing related with SCSI timing or similar.
We found the following:
- Booting the server
- a "disk not reponding" error is shown by the Netraid controller.
- with CTRL_M we access the netraid conf utility.
- we pull-out the non responding disk from the ds2100.
- we insert it back and perform a physical disk discovery .
- The disk is found and we can take it online.

Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: netraid-2m DS2100 Problem

Did you try another SCSI cable between Netraid and DS2100? Is the terminator on the DS2100 correct?

What's the Firmware of the Harddisks? ( you can see it in the properties of the disk in Netraid Assistant).

Occasional Advisor

Re: netraid-2m DS2100 Problem

We've tried a different HP SCSI Cable .
The HDD firmware is HP05