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netraid 3gb X3 to 9gb x3 upgrade

Peter Palomo
Occasional Visitor

netraid 3gb X3 to 9gb x3 upgrade

platform:LC II, netraid with original 3gb drives. 1 3gb drive has already been replaced with a 9gb.

i want to replace the other 2 original drives with 9's. i know how to rebuild the array after the new drive is plugged in
but when all 3 9gb drives are installed how do
i reconfigure the raid to recognize the new unallocated space?? system is running netware 4.11

thanks much

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: netraid 3gb X3 to 9gb x3 upgrade

you cannot realocate the new space,the space you get in this way is not initialized at raid level.
with netraid 1,1si,3si series, you cannot ad a new array in this way, what you need to do is a backup of you data, clear the netraid configuration and recreate a raid on the 3x9 gb hdd, then you can create two logical devices.

Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: netraid 3gb X3 to 9gb x3 upgrade


I think it IS possible to use the extra capacity without the need to recreate the entire array and restore your data.
You must use netraid assistant to do this.
You can run it from a windows workstation if you're running a registration server on novell.
You have to load rpcstart.nlm, reg_serv.nlm and raidserv.nlm in this particular order to make it possible that the netraid controller in your netware server can be managed over the network by a windows client running netraid assistant.

I think you can also run netraid assistant from navigator CD.

Anyway, if netraid assistant is running and you already rebuilded the 2 other disks you can use the extra capacity by creating another logical drive on the same array:
Select Configuration -> Wizard -> Custom. Now you will see the extra capacity and get the oppurtunity to use it as a new logical drive.
Initialize it (pls make sure only the new logical drive is selected and not the old one...) and you'll have another disk available for netware.

Good luck with it!