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new LUN

Anthony Kok
Occasional Visitor

new LUN

Currently I have a HP Netserver LH3 running Windows NT with service pack 5 installed. I have a RAID 5 with 4 physical hard disk inside the server. Now I need to add additional 36.4GB disk into it.

My question is that I need to optimize the 36.4GB and not reflect it as 9.1GB. I heard by creating a new LUN I am able to optimize the 36.4GB disk. How do I go about?

Question 2 is that I can't reboot the server and I by adding the new hard disk I want to retain the current RAID 5 configuration.

Question 3 is that I want to distribute the 36.4GB among the 4 physical hard disk. Is it possible and how to go about? Thanks