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new drives = noreboot

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

new drives = noreboot

Old situation: Compaq proliant 3000 server, with 3200 smartarray controller and 5, 9.1Gb ultra SCSI drives. Server is a Domain Controller and also a Microsoft Exchange server

New Situation: Want to upgrade to a 4200 controller, and 3, 18.2 Gb ultra3 SCSI drives.

Tried numerous things, to no avail at upgrading system.

If I install 4200 controller, new disk drives, and rebuild NT server from scratch, using Compaq smartstart, then use a dummy Server name....just to get it booted....I'm half-way home. Then I restore the prior contents of my disk drives from backup tapes...so that I'll once again have a functioning domain controller, and usable exchange server.....ArrrrggggHHH!!!! It won't boot!!!!

I've been told that this is impossible....that I cannot change types of disk drives...and then do a restore from backup tape and have a usable server. I must be missing something here.....I can't restore from backup tape and have a usable server?????!!!!!!?????

Any hints on how to change to newer, larger disk drives...and restore the system from backups...and have it usable?