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nfs mount

Yan Sze Kit
Occasional Advisor

nfs mount

When I do a NFS mount between two Tru64 4.0G machines. The client has shown an error
"RPC: Authentication error;why=Server rejected credential"

All /etc/exports file in server and /etc/fstab file in client have been checked. It is ok.

I have checked with ping and showmount -e hostname. It is ok.

Any suggestion?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: nfs mount

You're not authenticating. There can be many reasons for this, however the most common is a bad username/password pair.

What are you using as an authentication scheme? Are you using NIS?

Be sure you can telnet to the machine acting as the NFS server, and log in with the user/password pair you're using on the local machine.

Check your /etc/exports, and do a "man 4 exports", then try -root and -access options.

Also try making sure both hosts are listed in each other's /etc/hosts file.

Let us know how you make out.


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