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nike 20 array info

ernest tamura
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nike 20 array info

How can I find the sp processor type and the amount of cache installed on a nike 20 array? I looked at the console and found the amount of cache available per sp in pages, but is that the maximum number of cache pages or the most used? I found nothing on the processor model of the sp processor.
S.K. Chan
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Re: nike 20 array info

Do you have gridmgr configured ? If yes you should be able to .. from the gridmgr menu, there are a few options and I think it's either in "Change Parameters" or "View Cache Statistics" that you should be able to get the information you wanted. Also take a look at
which may also help you. The "cache page size" can be configured and the max value is 16KB. I think the cache page size that you want to set is dependent on how much cache you got on your processor (32 or 64MB).
Vincent Farrugia
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Re: nike 20 array info


From your microcode and PROM version, you can tell your SP type.

PROM version should be 7.97, 7.99 or 8.02 if you have a Sauna processor (SP). The rest (beginning with 1) are for the Phoenix processor (SP620).

You can check this from Gridmanager Presentation screen.

Note that both controllers can run different PROM versions, so check both of them.

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harry d brown jr
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Re: nike 20 array info

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