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p2000 g3 (MSA) Controller B

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p2000 g3 (MSA) Controller B

Morning All,
Configuring a P2000 G3 with iSCSI.

VID 1 - Controller A Network:
VID 1 - Controller B Network:

VID 2 - iSCSCI Controller A:
VID 3 - iSCSI Controller B:

I have created Vdisks:
LUN 1 to disk controller A (6 HDDs RAID5)
LUN 2 to disk controller B (6 HDDs RAID5)

I can ping all the interfaces (LAN and iSCSI)

When i try to connect to controller A using iSCSI Init and init Vdisk no problems, can format etc..

When i try to configure Vdisk 2 (Controller B) i get iSCSI port issues in event log and i cannot connect, when switching LUN 2 to Controller A i can connect and map Vdisk 2...

Any ideas?

I so have have recreated the Vdisks twice unsuring its not a RAID issue...
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Re: p2000 g3 (MSA) Controller B


VID 2 - iSCSCI Controller A:
VID *2* - iSCSI Controller B: