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p800 controller failure event (previous lockup code=0xA2)

Occasional Advisor

p800 controller failure event (previous lockup code=0xA2)

Short summary: msa60 becomes unresponsive. After powering on/off the following message is displayed during boot:

HP Smart Array P800 v5.22
1719 Slot 2 Drive array A controller failure event occured prior to this power-up. (Previous lockup code=0xA2)

Lately every 2-3 days our msa60+p800 with one raid 5 array of 5 1 TB drives hangs. The problem started a couple of days after updating to the new hp driver(cpq_cciss-2.6.20-16.rhel4.x86_64.rpm) but it hangs again even with the old one, (cpq_cciss-2.6.18-23.x86_64) which used to work for months

The system is responsive but processes accessing the array enter D state.

Any idea?
Rob Dunne
Occasional Visitor

Re: p800 controller failure event (previous lockup code=0xA2)

Resurrecting this thread from the grave because we are experiencing the same problem with RHEL 4.8. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
Occasional Advisor

Re: p800 controller failure event (previous lockup code=0xA2)


We resolved this after upgrading the firmware of the controller and using the latest kernel and hp driver.