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p800 controller - parity check

david king va
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p800 controller - parity check

I have a ml570 Server with a p800 Raid controller. we have a raid five on a 6 disk configuration, with one hotspare. we had a harddrive that had a flashing amber light with random flashing green light in bay 10. but the controller listed the drive as ok, documentation suggested the drive was having issues and an impending failure. so we pull the drive. The hot swap immediately started rebuilding. the hot swap has completed the rebuild but a parity check has been running now for 3 days. we have not re-inserted the new drive for fear this may cause problems during this parity check. *** Note the replacement drive has not been re-installed***** QUESTION is it ok to re-install the replacement drive during this parity check??? or will this cause a problem and paossible data loss
kris rombauts
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Re: p800 controller - parity check


the parity check is a background process in the firmware of the SmartArray controller that runs continiously. When host I/O is made to the drives, the parity check gets a lower priority.

So it is OK to insert the replacement disk.