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paircreate ends with PSUE status

Paul Hawkins
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paircreate ends with PSUE status

I have succesfully created many pairs but I have three taht end up with a state of PSUE (Initial Copy failure). I can't work out why this is happening...The pvol and svol are identical...The interesting thing is that they are all in the same CU. All other paircreates are fine except those in CU 5.
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Re: paircreate ends with PSUE status

This could help you:

(page 142)

PSUE is suspend - The P-VOL detects a failure in the S-VOL or the link and suspends mirroring.

b) The P-VOL changes its paired volume status to PSUE and keeps track of data changes in a difference bitmap

c. after the S-VOL or the link recover from the failure, the updated P-VOL is fed back to the S-VOL (pairsplit â S, paircreate
â vl, or pairresync command to update the P-VOL data by copying all data, or copying
differential data only).
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Bill Rothanburg
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Re: paircreate ends with PSUE status

You might also check your horcm.conf files.

I have a typo in one of mine that esentially defined the same svol for two different pvols in the same group, which caused the same error.